Whether you're new to SAP or an expert, plan to join us on our “dance floor” at the end of this October.  Our SAP solution specialists will showcase and discuss six genuine applications based on latest SAP technologies. If you’re interested in SAP Cloud Platform, UI5 or S/4HANA, big things are in store for you this year edition. We won’t spoil all the fun, but we sure tried our best to exceed your expectations.
SMTA: An XSC-based transport tracking application

Serban Petrescu

The SMTA is an open-source project that tackles the issue of tracking, managing and analyzing shipments in the context of the transport insurance industry.
HANA native artefacts are at the core of the system: HANA Spatial and HANA Predictive Analytics alongside with XS Classic services. Because it needs to issue notifications in case of unexpected events, a standalone Java microservice was built and deployed directly on the SAP Cloud Platform.
For collecting data from the shipments themselves, some small tracking devices are clearly needed. We developed two small prototypes: an Arduino board and an Android application.
Visit our stand at the conference to learn more about the project and see it in action.
Auction house data

Renata Reich / Klaus Köbler

Fiori apps for handling auction data, ebay like, from 2 perspetives: one from the sellers and one from the buyers view.Original auction data is stored in a mongo DB and is transfered to SAP system by using oData service.
Starting with an administration view the mass import of the auction data can be performed. On the imported data CRUD operations can be performed like creation of new sellers, their articles for sale, changing auction data and creating or recall of new bids. The application data is split up into warm and cold data using the new data aging feature. Additionally the seller and article data can be hierarchically displayed by using embedded analytics with different tools, like SAP analysis for office.
The Fiori apps take advantage of the automatic generation of the UI by CDS annotations and offer the flexibility to apply manual changes of the screens if needed.
The backend implementation is based on the S/4 Hana programming model using the following technologies: - CDS with annotations for generating BOPF, oData and UI - BOPF with Draft Concept - oData referenced on CDS

Roxana Coroian / Ludovic Toth

During this digital age, the Insurance industry, as part of the financial services, faces new opportunities. Reacting faster and flexible to the behavioral changes of insurance customers represents a challenge for this industry. What would you think if you could insure your home, your vehicle or even create a health insurance based only on a few information and receive an answer in real time? In these compulsive and competitive times, this should be normal.
The solution offers the possibility of picking a house insurance directly from a web portal within a few easy-to-follow steps.
msg.HouseIns has the purpose of improving the way how the risks are evaluated(Underwriting), by analyzing different data sources like an already existing insurance database, statistics based on the burglaries from a specific country and the geographical position of the house.
By comparing and transforming the data, the system proposes in an efficient way the a personalized offer for insuring the house. Everything is digitized and no human data operator is needed.
msg.Free Time Ticket

S/4 HANA Expert Team

For the msg employees, the start and end time when they do have to work is flexible. However, every msg Romanian employee has to be present at work in on a so-called “Core Time”. The core time is defined as an specific time interval which can be defined based on the company regulations.
The msg Free-TimeTicket App (msg.FTT) brings the benefit to an employee to be excused in this core time for a maximum amount of time also defined based on internal regulations.
This S/4HANA-like app will provide the necessary means to create such free-time tickets and to send them for approval to the corresponding unit manager.
msg.Fix My Problem

S/4 HANA/UI5 Continous Learning Team

The purpose of this app is to provide the means both for reporters (msg employees) and processors (msg employees) to describe problems that concern both msg household and anything that concerns administrative problems, for instance requesting an employee attestation. By msg Household we understand anything that concerns msg office locations, for instance if one needs to communicate an issue with a faucet in one of the msg locations then this would be the app to use to do so.
On the other hand, if one would need a particular document or would like to request material for the office then again this would be the app to use for requesting documents or office material etc.
This app will act as a single point of entry for the type of problems that have been described above. In addition, the system will easily suggest a processor for a specific type of problem, based on the selection of a category.
Smart msg Solutions: Smart Maintenance, Smart Parts & Predictive Supply Chain Tracking

Fabian Riedl

msg.Smart Maintenance allows companies to implement intelligent technologies in their service and maintenance processes to make them more efficient. Turn maintenance in a decisive factor for success. Unplanned downtime, high costs and long service procedures are outdated.
If you want to virtually draw your scene or if you want to overlay virtual scenes, if you want to transform speech into text or to detect functional locations and if you want to see how you can gain remote assistance, then definitely you don't want to miss this stand !
msg.Predictive Supply Chain Tracking is a smart software tool with which big OEM-companies like BMW, Daimler, Airbus,… are able to predict potential problems and supply shortfalls in global, multi-level supply chains weeks before they occur.