Is it an Inside Track? Is it a CodeJam? No ... it is the IT Conference on SAP Technologies!
Written by
Dr. Christian Lechner

The SAP community offers a lot of events all over the place. To name just a few there are SAP CodeJams, SAP Inside Tracks, local SAP Meetups as well as the famous SAP TechEd. Within this blog, I would like to present another event to you that is maybe not as well known: the IT conference on SAP technologies

2016-08-24 15_26_01-IT Conference on SAP Technologies, 2016 - powered by msg.png

The annual conference takes place in Cluj (Romania). This year the date is the 21. and 22. of October. We started the conference a few years ago and it heavily evolved from an event with three talks on SAP topics and some time for networking to a two-day event with talks and a hands-on session!

This year we are raising the bar a bit by including a marketplace-like networking and interactive engagement session where some further topics are presented.

This year's talks (including demos) will deal with the following topics:

  • The S/4HANA Programing Paradigm – Welcome to the Future of ABAP Development
  • Enterprise Applications, Microservices and SAP Hana Cloud Platform
  • Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services

The Hands-On session is a surprise (but if you take a look at the topics and combine that with what resources are publicly available you might be on the right path).


Grand Hotel Italia
October 20,21
20, Conference Day
21, SAP CodeJam