Java Conference 2016, 5-6 October 2016
About this event:

We are happy to inform you that msg systems Romania has opened registration for the Java Conference..


What topics are on the agenda for the Java Conference this year?


·         Reducing Complexity with Aspect Orientation

·         Can neuroscience and learning theory help you improve as a developer

·         JavaScript as Backend Architekture of NodeJS – Servers using Microkernel

·         UI-Architecture: Component-oriented HTML5-Apps

·         A gently Introduction to Java 8

·         Code retreat


Stay tuned for the conference website and detailed agenda!


Looking forward to seeing you!

msg systems Romania


Registration is opened for our event and you can subscribe at the following link:


5. October Cluj-Napoca

6. October Târgu Mureş

Grand Hotel Italia
October 20,21
20, Conference Day
21, SAP CodeJam